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Hope Harbor Capital Campaign

About The Project

Since it was founded in 1983, Eastern Shore Coalition Against Domestic Violence (ESCADV) has been the only organization survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault can turn to for help. 

What started out as a volunteer-staffed hotline, has grown into a staff of 10 offering: 

- 24-hour emergency hotline

- Emergency Shelter

- Rape crisis services

- Counseling services

- Assistance with housing and daily life needs

- Services for children who have experienced domestic violence

- Hospital and courtroom support

- Legal advocacy

- Support groups

- And more

In 1996 ESCADV began operating a 16-bed duplex-style shelter. Over the years, it wasn't uncommon for the shelter to full. Once the shelter reached capacity, any additional suvivors needing a place to stay would have to be housed in hotels. There were often 30 clients needing shelter, with almost half of them having to be shelterd in hotels. 

COVID made capacity even more of a challenge. To mitigate the risk of spreading the virus, only one survivor and any accompanying children could be housed in each side of the shelter at a time. All other clients had to be housed in hotels. This tripled ESCADV's housing costs. It was clear this wouldn't be sustainable.  

That's why ESCADV undertook a capital campaign in 2021 to create Hope Harbor, the campus that now houses an emergency shelter and admin and advocacy office.

$1.7 million was raised to renovate the building that now serves as our emergency shelter. The shelter opened in October of 2022. Renovations then began on the building that now serves as the admin and advocacy office were completed in May of 2023. 

ESCADV has not turned its attention to the third building at Hope Harbor, which is being renovated to house eight apartments, four for our clients and four to be used as workforce housing. 

Matching funds of $150,000 are needed to complete a matching grant for the project. If you are interested in donating or learning more about the project, please contact Sarah Barban a or 757-787-1329.

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