Safety Message

Clinical Counseling

Through a partnership with the Eastern Shore Community Services Board (ESCSB), ESCADV is able to offer clinical counseling services with a senior clinician at no charge to the client. The clinician provides therapy to adults, adolescents and children who are receiving services through the ESCADV. Therapy is offered to individuals who may have experienced trauma directly or witnessed as their loved ones were made victims of abuse.
Trauma-focused therapy is utilized to assist clients in telling their story in a safe environment, so that emotions, thoughts and behaviors may be identified and processed. It is then that the client can identify strengths and begin to build upon them as they move forward and realize that they are not defined by the experiences they endured so that they can pursue a more productive, satisfying life.
The clinician dedicates at least 20 hours a week to being available to the needs of individuals who receive services through ESCADV, as well as being accessible on an “as-needed” basis for crises that may arise.
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