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I heard you are a woman's shelter. Do you serve men too?

Yes, ESCADV serves all survivors of domestic abuse and sexual abuse. Services are provided to men, women, children, and LGBTQ individuals.

What if I am abused but don't need shelter services?

ESCADV provides many services beyond emergency shelter, including supportive counseling, hospital accompaniment, crisis intervention, safety planning, case management, information and referrals, transportation assistance and financial assistance. An individual does not need to utilize ESCADV's emergency shelter to access other available services.

What is the intake process for shelter? Are references necessary?

References are not part of the intake process for survivors of domestic and sexual assault. The intake process involves completing paperwork that includes basic information about the individual and any family members who will be in shelter with them, information on ESCADV's policies, exchange of information forms as necessary and completion of the coordinated housing assessment if shelter services/housing is necessary.

Does ESCADV make accommodations for victims with pets?

Yes. While ESCADV's shelter currently does not accept pets, ESCADV works with local partners to provide safe shelter for pets while individuals are in shelter.

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