Safety Message

Sexual Assault

Sexual Assault is conduct of a sexual nature which is non-consenual, and is accomplished through threat, coercion, exploitation, deceit, force, physical or mental incapacitation, and/or power of authority.

Sexual assault is crime.

Sexual assault can happen to anyone.
While the legal definitions of rape and sexual assault vary from state to state, basic definitions are below:
  • Forced intercourse including vaginal, anal, or oral penetration.
  • It is done with another person, by force or threat of force, against the will & without consent of that person
Sexual Assault
  • Unwanted sexual contact – inappropriate touching/fondling of person’s private body parts
  • By force or threat of force against a person’s will and without that person’s consent
If You Have Just Been Sexually Assaulted
  • Get to a safe place. If you are in danger, or want to report the incident, call for immediate police assistance at 911.
  • Contact someone to help you – Call the ESCADV office at (757) 787-1329. (In Virginia, you can call the stateline hotline at (800) 838-8238 to contact the closest rape crisis center.) Call someone you trust for emotional support.
  • Get medical attention right away. You have the right to choose whether or not to report the assault to the police. You can have a Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE nurse) collect evidence through the use of a Physical Evidence Recovery Kit (PERK). The evidence collection will be done along with a medical exam that will address your medical needs. A medical exam is very important for your health-keep in mind that you may have injuries of which you are unaware. Medical personnel can talk with you about your options for the prevention or pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases.
  • If possible, do not shower, drink or eat, douche, or change your clothes. These activities destroy physical evidence that can be used if you choose to report the assault to the police. It is also important to avoid moving or changing anything at the scene, if appropriate. If you choose to press charges, the police may need to examine the scene for evidence. An ESCADV advocate is available to accompany you at the hospital 24/7 – all it takes is a call to the hotline, (757)787-1329.
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